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Here is why we are the #1 postpartum girdle and maternity fashion and support providers on the planet.




We are the biggest shapewear brand in the world and have 5 years expertise helping women across the world find comfort and support during and after their pregnancy.











1 million people follow us on social media and have bought from us. Our social buzz can never be denied, and the reason why we are so huge is because we care about your needs and have specifically designed and evolved our range with you in mind. When you talk, we listen, join the discussion now.






We offer post pregnancy girdles and maternity belts that nobody else can rival; the best products you will see anywhere in the world, real expertise in the field, postpartum belt reviews that cannot be matched, prices that will never be beaten.








As you can see, after working with the likes of Netmums, Mothercare and Walmart, we have set the industry standard in maternity shapewear and pregnancy support belts. We promise that when you buy your items now you will be working with a team that is dedicated to giving you and your baby the best. People who know your needs. People who care about this incredible journey that you are on. 






We are so much more then a postpartum girdle store, we provide a whole range of beauty and shapewear product, so be sure to check our full store out here.




Every item gives you the very best in design, style, results and support. You can rest assured that when you buy your girdle now, Waist Trainer LDN will give you an exquisite product with real results. Take our best sellers for example...

Postpartum girdle

the best post partum girdle reviews get in shape after pregnancy with post partum girdle and maternity support belt mothercare post partum girdle and maternity support belt netmums post partum girdle and maternity support belt the best post partum girdle maternity support belt for mother and baby PREGNANCY SUPPORTfrom waisttrainersldn.com the best pregnancy support belt for you from Waist Trainer LDN



Stunning post partum support after your baby arrives;

CLASSIC #1 SELLER - £59.99



“After having my baby I knew I had to be back at work as soon as possible to feed the extra mouth! The support and service I recieved when buying from these guys was like nothing else! A+++."

Sally.P /Full time Department Store Manager and New Mum / NJ, USA

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I want better support during and after I give birth

OUR best selling PRODUCTS:

new Mum's Favourite's...

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Postpartum Girdle

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Maternity Support Belt

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Belly Wraps


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Maternity belt

Suffering from morning sickness? Get rid of it in the best way possible with our luxury espresso coconut water!

Go Coco Loco with Coconut Water
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Our #1 pregnancy support belt!

  • Comfortable

  • Stylish

  • Durable

  • Washable

  • Provides lumbar support

  • Protects you and your baby

fall in love with waisttrainersldn.com

"The best pregnancy support belt ever!"

the best pregnancy support belt

"Designed by women, approved by mums"

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Pregnancy support belt

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Our best selling pregnancy support

lumbar support belt from Waist Trainer LDN pregnancy bump support belt from Waist Trainer LDN pregnancy support belt from Waist Trainer LDN
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Shop this look now!
Order right now, we have the right tummy belts to fit any shape or size...

Hot celebrity Mamas

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Pregnancy maternity shapewear and postpartum support reviews from Waist Trainer LDN

Maternity support FAQS

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"Having my first baby was so full of surprises and such a mixture of emotions! I was so thankful to have a pregnancy belt that took away all of my back pain during pregancy and also helped me with my yoga. Lauren and the team really looked after me. True quality"

Pregnancy and when you have just had your baby are the most special, and some of the most challenging moments in your life. Here at Waist trainers LDN we are here to support you and your baby every step of the way.


Let us give you the comfort and quality you deserve, with our outstanding range of maternity and post pregnancy support. For belly wraps and post-pregnancy girdles we are the #1 choice of 1000s of women just like you. Say yes to comfort, style and confidence with the #waistsquad

Welcome to our postpartum girdle section... with over one million customers and fans we are very proud to think of the amount of new mummy’s and those going through their pregnancy a level of comfort, safety and style that nobody else can match online. Comfort, style and security is what separates our brand, giving you the peace of mind to go about your daily life. Here you will find the biggest and best range of post pregnancy and maternity support belts in the world. Waist trainer LDN, where quality and support meets maternity fashion, and where our legendary postpartum support girdles can give you back the confidence and shape you need in your life. If you are looking for support for back pain during pregnancy these are ideal, and with the biggest range online, you are sure to find the perfect postpartum girdle for your needs.


Our postpartum girdle will help you recover your pre-baby shape in no-time. We love to build long-term friendships and massive confidence in women. When you order from us you can trust you will get the best products anywhere.


All of our range helps relieve the symptoms of general aches and pains that we know you will have, be it in the hip or pelvis pain, our girdles will help take away that pain.


One of the major things we push is that a stronger you is a stronger family unit. So every one of our maternity support belts, post pregnancy support girdles and not to mention our famous waist trainers will help encourage not only support but active recovery. That means our tummy belts will make your abs and core stronger so you can get back to your old self.


1000s of women all over the world have bought from our best-seller range, grab yours NOW and join the #waistsquad


See the full collection in our postpartum girdle, belly wrap and maternity support belt store...

This is our best-selling postpartum girdle of all time. Fully adjustable post pregnancy girdle that has helped 1000s of women recover and feel confidence after birth. This beautifully tailored design will help with lower back pain, offer comfort post-pregnancy and comes in small, medium and large - suitable for petite to plus size mummy's. If you have just had a baby, you need one of these in your life. Get yours now

Maternity support belts are a must have when you are going through pregnancy. Never be alone with our best-selling maternity support belt, offering comfort and support for you and baby and most of all, peace of mind. Our revolutionary maternity girdles are made by women for women, and 1000s of ladies just like you have bought this classic statement piece that goes perfectly under your maternity fashion. Get yours now!

Belly wraps are extremely effective for maternity when you are needing that extra level of support and also post-pregnancy as a way of helping you tighten up your abs and core in addition to your exercise program. Easy to use, extremely high quality and ideal for home, work or the gym, these are some of our best-sellers ever! Lower back pain? These will definitely help. Get yours now!

Give yourself and your baby the more comfortable support you could ever wish for with the #1 most popular maternity and post-natel support bands in the world. It really is as simple as 1,2,3.


1. Place your order with Waist TrainerLDN now


2. We will send your item out to you straight away, wherever you are in the world


3. Wear your item with confidence and send us a picture using the hashtag

     #waistsquad on Twitter @Waisttrainerldn or on Instagram @WaisttrainerLDN

1 million fans, 1000’s of happy customers and 1 incredible fact that separates us in the maternity shapewear market. We are ladies just like you, and we know how crucial every maternity support belt we sell is to you. Everything we stock in our bump support belt range is designed from a female perspective; we know your needs, we know what type of pregnancy support you need most, and we deliver it with the best customer service in the world. Waist Trainer LDN – the industries’ trusted maternity belt specialists.


Maternity support belts can be the difference between feeling you have support during your pregnancy, and feeling like you have none. That is how powerful our pregnancy belly belts are, and that is why every single one of you needs one NOW. Order now and gain access to a world of daily comfort and confidence. Order now and take away that back pain during pregnancy that is bothering you now. Order now and join 1000’s of women around the world just like you who have got exactly the maternity support belt they are looking for to fit their needs, their size and their taste. Waist Trainer LDN stock the biggest range of maternity belts online – including plenty of exclusive designs, so that when you buy, you get exactly the look and support you require for your needs. Simple.

That little bit more comfort in a maternity belt means everything... That is why we have given everything to ensure we have the highest specification of maternity belts around, designed by our expert team to ensure you don’t have to worry about back pain during pregnancy, or having the ultimate protection for your baby to aid you along this incredible journey. Buy now and get the #1 approved mother and baby friendly range online. Our pregnancy belts will help you every day until your bundle of joy arrives. 


We also know that pregnancy is often a time that your confidence might not be as high as it usually is. So our team is here to help you through this period with confidence and style. Maternity belly belts from Waist Trainer LDN care for you and you baby, and come in various colours and styles as you will be able to see in our full store and our best seller range.

Much like our famous waist trainers, our maternity support belts will revolutionise the way you feel, helping your tummy to heal after pregnancy and supporting your body whenever you might feel week in those days and weeks after you have had your baby.


When you are eating for two and carrying around what feels like a small car inside you, you need a little help. Our maternity belly support during pregnancy will give you confidence, protection and support. Your body is in a position it has not been in before and we need to make sure we give it the support to do its job properly. Our maternity girdle will do just that. If you have excess amniotic fluid our tummy belt will protect your body and your baby. All of the weight from your baby and the surrounding amniotic fluid all goes on one place, your tummy. This places a the body in an unbalanced position and can in most cases lead to plenty of back ache (I know you feel that one right?). Our maternity back support will offer a lot more comfort and take so much stress away from your back. For this reason alone it really is a diamond of a product.

The benefits of coconut water cannot be disputed at this time! Welcome to the #1 most popular natural organic hydration fuel in the world. 

Here are a few of the benefits of coconut water;

No added sugar

100% natural

Proven to STOP morning sickness

Packed with electrolytes 

Try tasty Espresso, Chocolate and Fruity flavours


Grab this right now for a healthier, healing, happier you

“Trust me when I say having twins is an experience in itself! I got one of Waist Trainer LDN's pregancy support bands from a friend as a gift and I have bought my maternity support from them ever since!"

Lucy & Jon / New parents to gorgeous twins / Surrey, UK

If you are suffering from back pain during pregnancy,

A lack of confidence,

Pregnancy breast pain,

Or any other pregnancy related tiredness, our maternity support belts cannot be beaten on price, quality or support and will help you on the way to a healthy pregnancy.

We promise that every maternity support belt will deliver:

Excellent quality, 

Outstanding support, 

Incredible results.

And a team on hand 24/7 to help you if you have any questions before you buy.

Our pregnancy support belt is a must-have for any expecting mummy and the ideal gift for a baby shower or loved one. Slightly more discrete then the maternity support belt, the pregnancy belt will sit seamlessly beneath your clothing and will work as a back support belt for those of you working, exercising, or going out and about. We all know having a baby is an amazing feeling. But it is also a time when confidence can be hit, and all of these weird and wonderful sensations are going on inside your body. With our revolutionary maternity shapewear for your tummy, you will never have to worry again. One of the biggest issues you may face is lower back pain during pregnancy, which is why our lumbar support belt can help take the strain away and let you concentrate on the good stuff.


We have years of experience helping new mummy’s settle into their pregnancy with elegance and confidence. We give you the highest quality, boutique maternity bump support belts, which you can buy right here in whatever style suits you best. If you are a working mother, a pregnancy support band is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for something to work with your maternity shorts or those sexy maternity clothes that we offer. See, when you buy our pregnancy belly band range, we understand that looking great is just as important as having a maternity girdle that does the job and supports your needs. Purchase now and you can have BOTH.


If you want to wear support that doesn’t intrude on your body shape and can be worn underneath your maternity clothing, the pregnancy support belt is the perfect solution. Buy now and rock that baby bump in style! See what women just like you are saying about our products in our pregnancy support belt reviews section. Let’s go.

We get it ladies…


Maternity shapewear has the power to not only change the way you look but transform the way you think and the way you feel. High quality design and performance underpins every item we sell.


This is why we are the #1 most popular maternity girdle outlet in the world. Quality and style means the world to us. Women all over the world trust us to provide the best maternity back support and protection for your baby. A pregnancy brace from Waist Trainer LDN will last a lifetime and is one of the best investments you will ever make. It’s time you said yes to a pregnancy made that little bit easier and a hell of a lot cooler. Order now.


We offer belly support belts in every size, from our petite mama’s to those needing a plus size pregnancy support belt. We have you ladies covered.


Want to stay ahead of the crowd? Subscribe to the world’s largest maternity shapewear retailer for exclusive offers, news and tips.


Our pregnancy support belts are perfect for strutting your stuff at an occasion you want to slay at, they offer support for working mummies to be whilst at the office, and give your back a rest during exercise and gym use. The ideal partner to take you right to your due date is here ladies.




Worried about how to get rid of your post pregnancy belly? Bundle your pregnancy support belt with one of our sexy stylish waist trainers to have you back to your best in no time.


Whether you are a petite mama to be or need a plus size maternity support belt, we are the most experienced maternity shapewear and pregnancy band retailer in the game.

Face of the year Amber Rose was absolutely glowing when she was pregant. And all of this was supported by her maternity support belt which allowed her to attend functions and work right upto her due date knowing full well that she didn't have to worry. Amber opted for the maternity girdle to provide supprot for her lower back and look good in the bodycon dresses that she famously loves to wear. Couple this exclusive maternity fashion staple with butt lifter shorts to give you that all-round quality, protection and lift in all the right places. 

"This one's for the muvvas"

With 2 royal babies and probably the most flawless maternity fashion wardrobe the world has ever seen, Kate Middleton really knows how to look stunning in everything she wears, even when carrying the future king of England under her postpartum girdle. Her classy, romantic look is complimented by her constant smile and confidence. You will be smiling too knowing that you are quickly getting back your pre pregnancy body in a matter of weeks with the help of our post partum girdle. Make like Kate and have a new, better shape instantly. Help your body heel and get enjoy the prescious moments with your baby in comfort. 

"You don't have to be a princess to recieve the royal treatment!"

The always stunning Mila Kunis, the face of Jack Daniels and Ashton Kutcher's better half, is seen here very close to her due date having just hit the gym, and wearing a belly wrap to give her the support she needs. What we love about our best-selling item is that they can be used both during and after your pregnancy. So if you are looking for a maternity band or post-pregnancy support girdle this truly is the best shapewear for tummy and for baby. 

"Get the ultimate all round support for you and your bump!"

Unless an item is broken or faulty we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to personal health and hygine reasons. We  accept returns of faulty items up to 30 days after purchase. All returns will be fully inspected. If the item has been used or worn and subsequently developed a fault after this period then unfortunately we cannot offer a replacement, as we cannot be held accountable for an item that has an expected wear of several hours everyday, and throughout conditions such vigorous activity such as working out, perspiring, bending.


Additionally please ensure you consult our size guides or contact our team before purchasing as an item which subsequently becomes damaged due to incorrect practice, we are not liable to replace the item however we are more than happy to offer free advice on any purchase.


If returning a faulty item it must:


Have the original tags attatched in it's packaging

Not have any alteration to the original product 

Customer invoice for proof of purchase included

Short note to detail the fault or defect

What is your returns policy?

Yes you should! postpartum girdles will help to tighten your core. Much like our waist trainer system we recommend you wear your girdle for around 8 hours a day.  Your maternity support belt is similar in that it should be worn daily, and as you get further into your pregnancy, as it will help to redistribute the weight you are carrying to take the pressure away from your back. Both can be worn during sleep and we recommend that in the early days after you have had your baby, you wear your girdle as much as you can to feel the most benefits during this healing period for your body. As you need less support, you can progress onto something more comforting from our range such as our belly wraps, or something more aggressive to enhance your shape such as our latex waist cincher which is extremely popular with fit mummies around the globe

Should I wear my postpartum girdle or maternity support belt every day? 

If you are suffering from any sort of back pain or lower back pain during pregnancy, or post-pregnancy back pain, you need an after pregnancy belly wrap. In addition to suitable post pregnancy exercises that you may be doing, our postpartum belly wraps will help your abs and core become stronger. Belly wrapping combined with a stronger core that comes through exercise and good diet will ease the pain on your back, and this is actually the root cause of most back pain. Belly bands from Waist Trainer LDN are incredible at their job and the most comfortable compression bands on the market. Of course, stomach wraps are also perfect for post-pregnancy when the uterus is an expanded position and its gentle compression will allow it to get back into its normal shape and size in due course. Order the best postpartum belly wraps for your needs right here.

Why do I need a post pregnancy belly band?

No, we have 1000s of customers in all shapes and sizes and the biggest range of maternity fashion and postpartum girdles in the market. In order to make sure every item we sell is fitted correctly, we offer a range of sizes from petite to the best plus size maternity shapewear. So head to our store and buy the correct size for you NOW.

Are your maternity support belts one size fits all?

First of all compression is one of the most highly proven medical remedies in history. Look across all sports and you will see the regular practise of compression. After pregnancy is no different, and our exclusive pregnancy belly support helps with guarding against excess water retention. Water retention is very common post-pregnancy when you want to get your tummy back in shape. So order our post pregnancy girdles now and start the healing process with the best in the business.


Wearing a postpartum girdle has been popular with women across the world for 100s of years for a reason; it eases pain, and it offers support and comfort for every single one of you. With Waist Trainer LDN you get excellence guaranteed.

What can a postpartum girdle help with? 

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